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Abhay Kavach

Immuno Booster Syrup (100 ml)

Immuno Booster Syrup (100 ml)

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- Boosts immunity, reducing the risk of illness
- Promotes healthy growth and development
- Enhances memory and improves the brain health
- Relieves Respiratory diseases
- Supports healthy digestion
- Boosts energy and stamina
- No Artificial Fragrance, Preservatives and Added Colours used
- Alcohol Free
- Ayush Approved and Clinically Tested
- Suitable for 6+ months to 12 years (Dosage mentioned on the product)

Key Ingredients

Brahmi, Guduchi, Amalki, Bala, Kantkari, Honey.

How to Use

As per the advised dosage on the bottle or as directed by the Physician.


Natural products may undergo changes in colour and texture over time, yet their effectiveness and benefits remain consistent over time. Shake it well before Use.

Storage Recommendation

Store in a cool and dry place
Keep away from direct sunlight
Shake well before use
For external use only
Keep the cap tightly closed after use


Q. What ingredients are used in Abhay Kavach?
A. It contains Brahmi, Guduchi, Amalki, Bala, Kantkari and Honey.
Q. Is this advisable for a 6+ Month old baby?
A. Yes absolutely, it is advisable for 6+ Month old to even adults.
Q. What dosage should we give to the baby?
As mentioned on the bottle or as directed by the physician.
Q. Is Abhay Kavach cruelty-free?
A. Yes, Abhay Kavach is cruelty-free. We do not test our products on animals.
Q. Is Abhay Kavach clinically-tested?
A. Yes, Abhay Kavach undergoes clinical testing and also is Ayush- Approved to ensure its safety and suitability for the baby's healthy growth and development.
Q. Are the ingredients in Abhay Kavach healthy for babies’ healthy growth and development?
A. The Abhay Kavach contains natural ingredients, focusing on purity and safety for baby health.
Q. Can we give this immunity booster during all seasons?
A. Yes, we can give this Immunity booster during all seasons or as prescribed by the physician.
Q. Is it helpful during colds and coughs?
Yes Absolutely, it is suitable for children during cold and cough as it has Kantkari, Guduchi and Honey in it which is beneficial for respiratory diseases and fight against infections.
Q. Is Immunity Booster Syrup Ayurvedic?
Yes, the syrup is purely ayurvedic, made using age-old Vidhis from the nature’s best ingredient which as safe for your little ones and excellent for boosting their immunity. The complete protection and overall boosting of immunity are the major advantages of the syrup.

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