The Organic Dew Philosophy

Organic Dew is specially designed to delight your little one. These baby products are inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, creating a beautiful mix that honours nature's purity and the subtle innocence. Ayurveda is all about promoting healthy lifestyle and preventing sickness by keeping our bodies and minds balanced. It's generally safe for people of all ages. But, when it comes to babies, there hasn't been a lot of research to prove how well it works. Making products for babies needs lots of careful research and testing to make sure they're not just good but also safe. Even though Ayurveda has been around for a long time and has great ideas, today's science standards want us to check everything really well, especially for babies. So, while Ayurveda is super wise, we're making sure it's also super safe for our little ones with lots of modern research. Organic Dew is all about being honest and wants Ayurveda, to be something modern and essential for everyone. Organic Dew had made different natural products based on Ayurvedic rules.

Our ultimate mission is to make products that keep the goodness of Ayurveda and also take care of our little family members. The biggest challenge is making sure our baby products are super safe because babies are still growing and developing. We're extra careful about safety, especially because we have a background in medicine.

We worked with a team of Ayurvedic doctors, under the guidance of Dr. Rajiv Roy, who has over 30 years of experience, to create our products.

A Glimpse into our Ayurvedic Creation Process

What makes Organic Dew Special?


Brand transparency

We want you to know everything - where the ingredients are extracted and how we manufacture our products, in order to secure your trust.


Clinical testing

Organic Dew works hard to provide products that are 100% safe, clinically tested and perfectly created through ancient techniques.


Guidance of ayurvedic doctors

Every ingredient is thoughtfully curated in collaboration with ayurvedic doctors, ensuring the finest for your cherished little one.


Natural ingredients

The choice of ingredients is a deliberate journey, embracing the innate wisdom of plants and herbs that have long been celebrated for their healing properties.

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