Shishu Abhyanga: The Ancient Ayurvedic Ritual for Newborns

Hey there, mama! Ever wondered why those baby oil massages feel like pure magic? Well, it turns out it's not just a normal routine we do – it’s a practice that extends back 5000 years, with its roots deeply connected to Indian culture.

Baby oil massage, or shishu abhyanga, is an art of pampering your newborn from head to toe. It’s a proven way to forge unbreakable bonds, stimulate muscle growth, and boost blood circulation in your baby. Discover the joy of baby massage with our easy step-by-step guide – a touch of ancient Ayurvedic tradition brought to your home by Organic Dew.

Step 1: Make a Comfortable Space

The first thing you need to do is get your baby ready for their massage. Make the room warm and welcoming. Whether you are on the floor or snuggled up on the bed, pop your little one on your lap or a soft towel in front of you. Find a comfortable place where you can look at your child in the eye - it's like a secret language that makes them super relaxed and happy. Take a bit of warm oil in your hands and gently ask, “Ready for a massage?” It might seem strange; But your baby will get familiar with this and will know that the massage is about to start.

Step 2: Choose the Right Oil

Now, pick the Best Natural Newborn Baby Massage Oil for your baby’s little massage party! Opt for something tender and natural. Avoid using products with artificial fragrance because infants have sensitive skin, and these products contain chemicals and allergens that may cause irritants or rashes on the baby’s skin. Maatrisneh Baby Massage oil, brimming with 27+ Ayurvedic wonders such as aloe vera, saffron, and yashtimadhu is an incredible oil crafted for the delicate skin of your baby. It’s like a gentle touch for your baby’s tiny bones and a delightful boost for their circulatory system.

Step 3: Start with the Lower Body

Hold your baby’s leg gently in your hands, as if cradling something special. Use your fingertips to massage their heels and toes, adjusting the pressure based on how they respond. Give those little legs a gentle massage for a few minutes.

Step 4: Chest and Belly Massage

The baby’s stomach is a crucial area, and it should be massaged in a very gentle way. Use slow circular motions on the chest. After that, massage the belly with gently moving hands, back and forth from side to side.

Step 5: Back Massage

Hold your baby close to your chest and massage your baby’s back, beginning at the neck and swooping down to their bottom. Be gentle; do not put pressure on their spinal cord.

Step 6: Face and Head Massage

With soft, slow strokes, massage from the middle of your baby’s forehead, down the outside of their face, and in towards their cheeks. After the face, if the baby is still relaxed, massage the scalp in small circles.

Step 7: Wrap up with Love

End the session by wrapping your baby in a warm towel and, if possible, treat them to a warm bath.



  1. It should be done preferably in the daytime, on an empty stomach.
  2. Always use natural and Best Products For Baby Care.
  3. Talk to the baby and use a soothing tone to relax them.
  4. Before massaging, go through the patch test, put the oil on a small area to detect allergies.
  5. Make sure your nails are properly cut.
  6. Never apply pressure directly to joints.
  7. If the baby seems uncomfortable, stop the massage.
  8. Always keep your baby close during the massage.



Performing the ancient practice of shishu abhyanga is not just a routine for your little one; it’s a way to show your baby lots of care. So, include this beautiful ritual in your daily routine and let the magic of shishu abhyanga nourish your baby’s life.



1. What is Shishu Abhyanga?

Ans. Shishu Abhyanga is an ancient Ayurvedic practice of massaging newborns with natural oils to promote bonding, stimulate muscle growth, and enhance blood circulation in infants.

2. Why is baby massage important?

Ans. Baby massage offers numerous benefits including strengthening the parent-child bond, aiding in relaxation, promoting better sleep, and supporting healthy growth and development.

3. What oil should I use for baby massage?

Ans. Opt for natural, gentle oils like Maatrisneh Baby Massage oil, which contains Ayurvedic ingredients like aloe vera, saffron, and yashtimadhu. Avoid products with artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals that may irritate a baby's sensitive skin.

4. What if my baby seems uncomfortable during the massage?

Ans. If your baby appears uncomfortable or restless, it's essential to stop the massage and attend to their needs. Pay attention to their cues and adjust your technique accordingly.

5. How often should I massage my baby?

Ans. You can incorporate baby massage into your daily routine, but the frequency can vary based on your baby's preferences and your schedule. Some parents opt for daily massages, while others may do it a few times a week.

6. How long should a typical baby massage session last?

Ans. A baby massage session typically lasts around 10 to 15 minutes, but this can vary depending on your baby's mood and responsiveness.

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