Restful Nights: Ayurvedic Tips For Baby Sleep

Many newborns are great sleepers by nature, but some may struggle to establish a sleeping routine. Little ones often take some time to settle into a schedule. There are various reasons for this, but Ayurveda and baby yoga can make it easier for babies to sleep. In this article, we will explore Ayurvedic principles and how you can use them to help your baby sleep naturally, supporting their overall well-being and healthy growth.

Create a Routine

Setting up a comforting routine makes your baby feel safe and secure. Ayurveda highlights the importance of regularity in feeding, bathing, and sleeping. To establish a regular routine, you should fix the timings for breastfeeding, bathe your baby at a suitable time of day, and ensure peaceful sleep patterns. You should also create a stable and peaceful environment for your baby by minimising exposure to loud noises and harsh lights. Calming music, warm lighting, and a less crowded space can create a peaceful environment that supports relaxation and promotes healthy growth and development.

Ayurvedic Massage (Abhyanga)

Gentle massage with natural oils offers many benefits for newborns. Always use the Best Natural Newborn Massage Oil to massage your baby's delicate skin and make sure that the room where you massage your little one is warm and comfortable so that your baby does not feel cold. This practice helps improve blood circulation, supports bone development, and promotes healthy digestion. It also provides relaxation to your baby.

Herbal Baths

Herbal baths can provide a soothing and therapeutic experience for your baby. Ayurvedic herbs such as neem, lavender, or chamomile can be added to warm water for bathing. These herbs have antimicrobial properties, relaxing properties, and help calm the baby's nervous system.

Baby Yoga

There are lots of benefits to baby yoga. It helps with digestion, makes them feel calm, and reduces the usual fussiness. Yoga maintains the natural flexibility of the baby. It’s also a terrific bonding experience between a parent and a child. Yoga may not only help babies fall asleep, but it will also help them stay asleep longer.

Yoga poses you should try with your baby: -

  •  Butterfly twist
  •  Twisty

Balanced Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is considered the ideal form of nourishment for babies. It delivers all the nutrients your newborn needs in the right amounts and strengthens the immune system. A newborn baby needs at least 10 to 12 feeds a day, and if your little one isn’t getting enough, well, they will let you know all night long! To keep your baby’s tummy full and sleepy at night, feed them every 2 hours during the day for the first few months.

Soothing Swaddling

Wrapping your baby in a soft, breathable cloth can offer comfort to the baby. It will remind them of the safe and comfy feeling when they were in the belly. This special place helps your little one feel calm and settled. Ensure the swaddle is not too tight and allows the movements of the limbs. You can also connect with your little one using soft touches, sing for them in a calming tone. Create a sensory space that's comfortable and stimulating for your baby. This can help reduce shock reflexes of the baby and promote better sleep patterns.


By following these tips for feeding, soothing and sleep management, you can help your baby sleep faster and provide them with the love and care they need. Always you gentle and natural Newborn Baby Care Products for your little one. Remember, every baby is unique, and what works for one baby may not work for another. As a parent, you should understand what’s best for your baby.

Happy parenting!



1. How can my baby sleep better?

Ans. Some helpful tips include establishing a soothing bedtime routine, giving your baby an oil massage, playing soft music, using herbal remedies, swaddling your baby, and optimising the sleep environment.

2. What are the benefits of establishing a routine for my baby?

Ans. Setting up a regular routine helps babies feel safe and secure, promoting healthy growth and development.

3. How are massages beneficial for newborns?

Ans. Gentle massage with natural oils improves blood circulation, supports bone development, aids digestion, and provides relaxation to the baby. 

4. Why is swaddling recommended for newborns?

Ans. Swaddling offers comfort to the baby, reminiscent of the safe and cozy feeling in the womb. It helps babies feel calm and settled, reducing shock reflexes and promoting better sleep patterns when done with a soft, breathable cloth and gentle touches.

5. What should I do if my baby isn't sleeping well despite following these tips?

Ans. If your baby continues to have trouble sleeping, consult with a paediatrician or healthcare provider for personalized advice and support.

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