Old-Fashioned Remedies, Modern Applications

Our grandmothers really knew best when it came to caring for babies. These wise women understood how to nurture new life in a deeper way. Their approach was beautifully uncomplicated, based on Ayurvedic wisdom that got passed down over generations.

Have you noticed how their old-fashioned baby remedies often work better than modern-day treatments we reach for? The more commercialized baby care gets, the more we miss that hands-on, back-to-basics tender loving care grandmas provided so naturally. With their patient, caring ways, grandmas knew that the most powerful baby care comes from timeless nature-based practices honoring little ones' whole beings - body, mind, and spirit. 

So, let's take a moment and revisit the tried-and-true grandmother's wisdom. Because in a world where doctored-up, artificial baby remedies have become the unsettling norm, it's high time we celebrate those granny old remedies again!


Why Grandma's Old Remedies are Better Than New Treatments

I'll start by saying there's absolutely a time and place for modern medical intervention when it comes to baby care. For the bigger, scarier stuff, we mamas are indescribably grateful for advancements like antibiotics, vaccinations, nutrition-boosting formulas, and the like.

But in today's modern world, many of us have become disconnected from nature. We rely too much on synthetic drugs made by companies just looking to make profits. We also tend to think that anything new must be better than older ways. Ironically, these old natural paths can often be gentler and more effective for many common baby ailments.

Here are a few reasons to give dear granny's baby rituals some respect:

  • Old Remedies Align with Nature: Ingredients like coconut oil, honey, chamomile, and herbs have been therapeutic staples for centuries because they harmonize perfectly with a baby's still-developing biology and delicate systems. No harsh chemicals or disruptive side effects.
  • They're Rooted in Generational Wisdom: Folk remedies were born from direct maternal life experiences and a reverence for natural resources, not a corporate playbook. Each one carries forward wisdom our ancestors learned through hands-on trial and success.    
  • They Focus on the Whole Baby: Old-school mothers looked holistically at all factors affecting a baby rather than just superficial symptoms. Remedies integrate physical, emotional, cultural, and spiritual contexts to effect lasting wholeness.
  • They're Gentle, Safe, and Affordable: Granny's care strategies are usually natural, non-invasive, low-cost, and mild enough for even the most sensitive newborn. Perfect for parents concerned about pharmaceuticals' potency and side effects.  
  • They Emphasize Prevention Over Reaction: Traditional baby care emphasizes establishing routines for continuous baseline health and immunity rather than relying on chemical symptom suppression alone. Proactivity was key!


Grandma’s Traditional Baby Care Methods

Speaking of proactivity, I think we could all benefit from reinstating some traditional baby care fundamentals passed down through generations of grandmothers. So here are 5 old-school practices worth becoming ritual again:

  1. Massage: The Magic Early Intervention: Before crying, fussiness, or colic even starts, regular gentle massages from the head to tiny toes can work wonders for babies. More than just relaxation, massage enhances neurological development, boosts immunity, aids digestion, improves sleep quality, and provides crucial bonding closeness. Granny used simple body massage oils like coconut or sesame infused with calming herbs.
  2. Burping is Good to Go: Of all granny's soothing strategies, faithfully burping babies after every feed is perhaps the most overlooked and crucial! Proper burping expels uncomfortable gas bubbles to ease colic, hiccups, reflux, and generalized fussiness that can throw off sleep and feeding routines. It seems minor until you witness the near-instant relief it brings.
  3. Probiotic Foods for the Tummy: Speaking of digestion aids, granny probably stocked up on probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, kefir, curd, and buttermilk specifically for babies' delicate guts. These living probiotic cultures help populate good gut bacteria to optimize nutrient absorption and prevent imbalances like diarrhea, excess gas, and other tummy upsets.
  4. Fruit & Veggie Purees for Constipation: Speaking of digestive support, Granny would whip up all-natural homemade puree laxatives using fiber-packed fruits and vegetables like banana, papaya, pears, spinach, sweet potato, etc. Perfect for gently relieving infant constipation without harsh pharmacy laxatives.  
  5. Botanical Babywearing for Bonding: Modern baby gear like rockers, swings, and strollers have their place, sure. But granny knew best how powerful constant touch, skin-to-skin contact, and baby wearing techniques were for calming fussiness, strengthening immunity, and establishing sacred bonds. Plus, soothing herbal baths ease any other environmental stressors.


The Rebirth of Grandma's Intuitive Care

Our beloved grandmothers possessed an ancestral intuition for natural baby care. They knew how to improvise with time-honored rituals, and preventative practices to nurture new life affordably and without disruption.

It's high time we hit the refresh button on some of those old-fashioned remedies and philosophies that modern questioners disregarded as outdated. Because at the end of the day, babies mostly desire for wholesome simplicity and unrefined comfort - two things our elders have always understood infinitely better than any newfangled product or pharmaceutical pitch.

So let's revive the gentle art of baby massage, burping diligence, probiotic nourishment, therapeutic purees, and baby wearing that transcends generations. Let's enthusiastically welcome granny's seasoned wisdom back into our baby care philosophies, giving mother nature's provisions a chance to work their healing magic first. 

Then, if we ever do require more intensive medical interventions beyond her basic remedies, so be it. But we owe it to our precious babes to start by trying granny's old-fashioned ways before automatically caving to every synthetic modern one.  



While we'll always have emerging modern innovations to streamline baby care convenience, there's something extraordinarily grounding about revisiting grandmother's old-fashioned wisdom. Somewhere among her simple rituals, instinctive touch, and lovingly hand-crafted remedies, we rediscover a deeper sense of intentionality that's been lost from today's commercial rat race "solutions."

So don't give up on your grandma's old remedies. Her traditional treatments, gentle massages, and home-cooked cures come from wise teachings passed down over many generations. These honest methods focus on overall health and wellbeing - something our babies still really need, even in today's world.


1. Why are grandma's old remedies better than modern treatments?

Ans. Grandma's remedies use natural, gentle ingredients that are safe for babies. They focus on overall health, not just treating symptoms.

2. What are some examples of grandma's baby care methods?

Ans. Massage, burping after feedings, probiotic foods like yogurt, fruit/veggie purees for constipation, and baby wearing.

3. How can baby massage help?

Ans. Massage aids digestion, boosts immunity, improves sleep, enhances development, and provides bonding time.

4. Why is burping so important?

Ans. Burping lets out gas bubbles to ease colic, hiccups, reflux, and fussiness in babies.

5. Why was babywearing helpful for babies?

Ans. Constant skin contact calms fussiness, strengthens immunity, and allows for bonding through touch.

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