Benefits of Almonds for Children

Every parent wants to make sure their kids get all the good stuff their growing bodies need to thrive. But because of crazy schedules and food picky habits, it can be a difficult task to feed them a nutrient rich diet. That's what makes the humble almond such a rock star! This unassuming little nut is packed with nutrients to power your kids' active minds and bodies. Plus, they're deliciously crunchy and kid-approved!

Not convinced that almonds should earn a spot in your snack collection? Let's take a look at all the incredible benefits almonds can offer:

Supporting the Three Pillars of Life

There's a reason why sages have revered almonds for millennia as a plant-based source of sattvic prana or life energy. According to Ayurvedic teachings, this humble nut delivers a trifecta of nutrition to support life's three pillars:

  • For the Physical Body - Almonds provide high-quality proteins, essential fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants and an array of vitamins and minerals to build strong bones, tissues, muscles and organs.
  • For the Subtle Body - The potent blend of plant compounds, electrolytes and purified fats work to nurture the mind-body energy channels and promote unobstructed, harmonic flow.
  • For Higher Consciousness - Their sattvic essence cultivates a foundation of ojas that fuels mental clarity, spiritual enlightenment and a blissful state of being.

Pacifying the Powerful Pitta

With its cool, soft, and sweet attributes, almonds are considered an ideal pitta-pacifying food in Ayurvedic teachings. Their inherent heaviness and oiliness help to subdue pitta's naturally hot, fiery nature while providing deep nourishment. This makes almonds the perfect dietary choice for balancing excess heat, inflammation, acidity, or sour tastes that dominant pitta can create in the young, energetic body.

Supports Digestion

With their slowly-burning, high-quality fat content and impressive nutrient profile, almonds are considered an agnideepak or "agni kindler" in Ayurvedic nutrition. Essentially, they stoke the metabolic fires to optimize digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients within the body. This is vital for ensuring children's growing bodies can properly break down foods and reap their energizing benefits.

Promotes Calm, Cool Energy

Ayurveda also recognizes almonds as a nutrient-dense source of natural proteins and "good" fats that provide slow-burning, sustainable energy. Unlike quickly-metabolized simple sugars that overexcite the system, the more complex nutrition of almonds steadily fuels physical and mental activities without overstimulating the child's natural calm and composure. This balancing of energies is ideal for promoting focus and concentration.

Restoring Vata Balance

While a pitta-predominant constitution is common during childhood, vata's airy, dry, and light qualities can also accumulate over time and create imbalances like constipation, anxiety, restlessness and fatigue. Thanks to their heavy, oily, and grounding sweetness, almonds make the perfect vata-pacifying snack to restore equilibrium. Their lubricating fats and gentle detoxifying effects can relieve vata-related blockages and dryness that occasionally arise.



Almonds are extremely portable and mess-free, lending themselves perfectly to busy, on-the-go lifestyles. You can easily toss a handful into a snack baggie for an energy boost at the park or during soccer practice. Or pack them up for a shelf-stable midday snack at school. As long as you mind portion sizes, these nuts will unleash loads of advantages to nourish your little ones every step of the way.

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1. How do almonds support children's growth and development?

Ans. Almonds provide high-quality plant proteins, healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that support strong bones, muscles, tissues and organ development in growing children.

2. Can almonds help balance a child's energy and focus?

Ans. Yes, the slow-burning fats and complex nutrients in almonds provide steady, sustainable energy without over-stimulating the child. This can promote better focus, concentration and a calm composure.

3. Are almonds good for digestion in kids?

Ans. Almonds are considered "digestive kindlers" that optimize nutrient absorption by stoking the metabolic fires. Their fiber, fats and nutrients aid proper digestive function.

4. How can almonds help cool down naturally "heated" constitutions?

Ans. With their cool, soft and sweet qualities, almonds pacify excess heat, inflammation, acidity or "pitta" imbalances according to Ayurveda.

5. Can almonds relieve constipation or dryness in children?

Ans. The grounding fats and gentle detoxifying effects of almonds can relieve vata-related constipation, dryness or restlessness that may arise in kids.

6. Are almonds a convenient, kid-friendly snack option?

Ans. Absolutely. Almonds are portable, mess-free and shelf-stable, making them a perfect nutrient-dense snack to fuel kids at school, sports or on-the-go.

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