Keeping Babies Cool and Comfy in The Summer Heat

The summer sun brings fun times outdoors, but we have to take special care to keep our little ones comfortable when temperatures climb. Overheating can be dangerous for babies, so follow these tips to dress them appropriately and beat the heat this summer.

Baby Clothing Tips for Summer:

Choose Loose, Breathable Fabrics: Tight clothing that restricts air circulation is a no-go for babies in the warmer months. Seek out loose, lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, and muslin. These "breathable" materials allow sweat and heat to evaporate from the baby's skin instead of trapping it inside.

As Ayurveda advises, we should "Always keep the head cool and the feet warm." Dress the baby in loose cotton clothing that allows air to pass over the skin.

Go Sleeveless: Babies don't need sleeves in summer! Choose sleeveless onesies, dresses, and rompers to allow maximum air exposure. And don’t forget the sun hat! Keep baby’s sensitive head and face shaded from direct sunlight. 

Choose Light Colours: Lighter shades of clothing tend to be cooler than darker colours that absorb and retain more heat from the sun. Stick to whites, tans, and pastels for baby's summer wardrobe.

Use Layers Wisely: While bundling up usually keeps us warmer, strategic layering can also help baby stay cooler. Put baby in a very lightweight bodysuit layered under loose, breathable clothing. The air pockets between layers provide insulation and ventilation. Just take care not to overload on too many layers that could cause overheating.

Pick the Right Fabrics: Natural fibres like cotton and linen have an edge over synthetic blends when temperatures rise. If you opt for a poly-cotton blend item, make sure the cotton component is much higher. The optimal summer fabric is lightweight 100% cotton or linen that maximizes airflow next to baby’s skin.

As per Ayurveda, natural fibres help regulate excess heat in the body whereas synthetic fabrics tend to trap heat and moisture.

Leave Those Socks Off: Better air circulation helps active babies keep cool in summer. Let those little toes breathe by leaving socks off whenever possible indoors and outdoors.

Use Caution with Onesies: While cute and practical for layering, onesies can cause babies to overheat in summer. The extra fabric layers retain body heat and moisture. Save onesies for indoor air-conditioned outings or as an underneath layer for night time. Opt for shorts and tees or loose dresses in breathable fabrics for outdoor sunny activities.

Choose Appropriate Nightwear: Don’t overlook what the baby wears to bed! Overheating during sleep raises the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Choose lightweight, pure cotton sleep sacks or breathable cotton pajamas. Opt for no more than one layer of clothing under baby’s sleep attire to prevent dangerous overheating at night.

Stay Hydrated: According to Ayurvedic medicine, drinking enough fluids prevents dehydration and regulates body temperature. Keep the baby well hydrated by offering breast milk or formula frequently. Consult your paediatrician if you have concerns about adequate hydration. Thirst cues or fewer wet diapers could indicate dehydration.

Seek Shade: Shield baby from direct sun exposure by sticking to the shade when outdoors. Trees, umbrellas, canopies, and tents are great for providing cooler, shady spots for baby to enjoy outside time while lowering the risks of overheating and sunburn. If no shade cover is available, it's best to head indoors.

Heading to the pool or beach? Cover up baby with lightweight, long sleeve rash guards and swim skirts with UV protective fabrics. Wide brim hats and sunglasses add essential shade from intense summer sun.



The Ayurvedic practices of staying hydrated, wearing natural fibers, and using healing herbs can help keep your little one comfy through summertime play. With thoughtful clothing choices and vigilant supervision, your baby can stay happy and healthy despite rising temperatures.

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1. What types of fabrics are best for keeping babies cool in the summer?

Ans. Natural, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and muslin are ideal for keeping babies cool. These lightweight materials allow air to circulate and sweat/heat to evaporate from the skin.

2. Should babies wear sleeves in the summer?

Ans. No, it's better to dress babies in sleeveless onesies, dresses, or rompers during hot weather to maximize air exposure.

3. What colors are recommended for baby summer clothes?

Ans. Lighter colors like whites, tans, and pastels tend to be cooler than darker shades that absorb more heat from the sun.

4. How can layering help keep babies cool?

Ans. Strategic layering with lightweight base layers and loose outer clothes creates air pockets that provide insulation and ventilation.

5. Is it okay for babies to go sockless in the summer?

Ans. Yes, letting babies go sockless indoors and outdoors promotes better air circulation to help keep their feet cool.

6. Are onesies a good summer clothing choice for babies?

Ans. Onesies can cause overheating due to the extra fabric layers, so it's best to limit their use or reserve them for indoor, air-conditioned places.

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